Sonny Rollins Bridge Project
Sonny Rollins Bridge Project1 day ago
“If you seriously try to correct your faults, then the universe will do its part, it will take you in.” —Sonny Rollins

At Point Udall, the easternmost edge of the United States. On the island where Walter Williams Rollins, Sonny’s father, was born in 1903.

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Sonny Rollins Bridge Project
Sonny Rollins Bridge Project2 days ago
One year ago today, on March 18, 2017, this project informally launched on Instagram with this photo of a photograph outside a Grand Street market. There were only 2 followers of the project that day, including this writer.

Today the project has:
• 7,000+ petition supporters from 66 countries and all 50 US states
• 3,500+ Instagram followers
• 1,800+ Twitter followers
• Press from 45 publications from around the world
• A documentary video that has been viewed tens of thousands of times
All in search of 1 colossal bridge for an extraordinary human being

Thank you for all of your support! It has been a profound experience seeing the idea of Sonny Rollins Bridge grow over the past year. Many bridges have been crossed in that year, except one. But with time, this dream will finally become a reality.

Now’s the time, NY City Council!

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Work on the Williamsburg Bridge began in 1896 and, after 7 years of construction, it was finally opened to the public on December 19, 1903. At the time it was completed it was the longest suspension bridge span on Earth. This colossal bridge has stood over New York's East River for 113 years. Sonny Rollins, the Saxophone Colossus, has stood for over 86 years. #SonnyRollinsBridge #sonnyrollins #WilliamsburgBridge
Sonny Rollins Bridge Project
Sonny Rollins Bridge Project is with Eric Wyatt at Williamsburg Bridge.2 days ago
Here’s a great profile of Eric Wyatt, who’s been an essential element to the Bridge Project:

‘And, of course, there was Charles’ deep friendship with Sonny Rollins, who was “like an uncle,” Eric says.

“And I never forgot him coming [over] because he brought this big crate of fruit, cherries. Big crate,” remembers Wyatt, 57, at a Burger King near his current home in Flatbush, Brooklyn. “I have two brothers and two sisters, so it was like when this guy came over and brought all these cherries, we could eat as much as we want. … We thought he was cool.”’