Video Credits

Starring Eric Wyatt, Erik Lawrence, Gene Ghee, & Jovan Alexandre

Directed by Jessica Edwards & Negin Farsad

Produced by Jeff Caltabiano, Jessica Edwards, & Negin Farsad

Executive Producer: Sonny Rollins Bridge Project

Cinematographer: Ben Wolf

Editor: Andrew Mendelson

Assistant Editor: Kayla Sklar

Sound: Christopher Bianrosa

Additional Camera: Marshall Stief

Audio Mix: Look to Listen\Mike Kutchman

Production Assistant: Adam Finchler

Production Assistant: Nathan Dennis

Music composed by Sonny Rollins and performed by Eric Wyatt, Erik Lawrence, Gene Ghee, & Jovan Alexandre

Special Thanks to Matt Caltabiano, Jeffrey Marcus, Film First, & Vaguely Qualified Productions.


Project Thank Yous

Sonny Rollins primarily played solo on the Bridge, but from time to time he brought other friends to play with him. In that same spirit, this project has not been a solo outing; at times it has functioned as a duo, trio, quartet, octet, or a mighty orchestra. Members of the orchestra include:

Special Thanks

Amanda Petrusich, The New Yorker

Brandon Goldstein

Clifton Anderson

Ellie Caltabiano

The Office of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

Eric Wyatt

Erik Lawrence

The Office of Manhattan Borough President Gail Brewer

Gaurab Thakali, who generously shared his drawing for the Project’s logo

Gene Ghee

Jeffrey Marcus

Jessica Edwards, FilmFirst

Jovan Alexandre

Ken Vandermark

Negin Farsad, VaguelyQualified Productions

The Office of NYC Council Member Stephen Levin



Aidan Levy

Bill McCann, WCDB FM

Bryan Erwin

Calvin Johnson

Chris Caltabiano

Curtis Archer, Harlem Community Development Corporation

Cynthia Hathaway

Dave Douglas

Debbie Burke

Gary Hustwit

Jack Caltabiano

Jack DeJohnette

Jake Wolff

James Carter

Jason Tottenham

Jazz Foundation of America

Jessamyn Waldman, Hot Bread Kitchen

Jonathan Boucher

Joshunda Sanders &

Justin Sablich, who designed the website

Kasper Collin, ‘I Called Him Morgan’ & ‘My Name is Albert Ayler’

Kathleen Hennessy, The Coltrane Home

Kevin Jensen

Kevin Krogmann

Lydia DeJohnette

Magnus Nygren, Orkester Journalen

Matt Barker

Matt Caltabiano

Matthew Washington

Meera Vohra Montan

Melinda Caltabiano

Mike Casey

Neil Stevenson, Lawyers Alliance for New York

Nelson Puccia

Nils Montan

Paul de Lucena

Ranjani Gopalarathinam

Rene McLean, RPM MSC

Ron Holloway

Rudresh Mahanthappa

Ryan Maloney, National Jazz Museum in Harlem

Sam Stephenson

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Stephen Serio

Steven Moga

Terri James

Valéry Joseph

Victor Stabin



This project is offered with love and gratitude for Walter Theodore “Sonny” Rollins. Jazz has contributed so much to our life and this project is one attempt to give back: to say thank you to jazz, in general, and to Sonny Rollins, in particular, for being such forces for good in a world that needs more goodness. This project is also in memory of Noah Baum.